'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Shutting the Door

sytycd-s8.jpgYesterday: Kristin Chenoweth requested that some doors be closed. She was pretty insistent about it, so if I were you, I'd get on that.

The opening group dance has Melanie front-and-center, which is something I approve of. I flip-flop between Sasha and Melanie, so they're my co-favorites. It's a refreshingly unencumbered dance. The outfits are simple and grey, and there aren't any props to wave around. There might not even be a story. It's just some limber kids hopping around to music from The Incredibles. Very pleasant. Good work, Michael Rooney.

The judges, once again, are Nigel, Mary, Kristin Chenoweth, and Li'l C. Cat reminds us about all the kissing yesterday, and also Kristin's thing about the doors. Then Kristin gets to plug her country album and we see a clip of the music video. It looks fine.

It's time to start breaking some hearts! The first three couples come out. Melanie and Marko were fantastic yesterday, even if all Cat wants to talk about is the kiss at the end. I think the recap should contain all dancing, and less shots of judges making out. Melanie and Marko have another kiss backstage. They're adorable, aren't they? And they're safe, obviously. Don't be dumb. Cat makes them kiss again and sends them offstage.