'Sons of Anarchy,' 'Dexter,' 'Revenge' and other memorable 2012 TV moments

"Dallas" (TNT): The first appearance of J.R. Ewing was bound to be a big moment for this reboot of the long-popular serial. It was stunning - and, particularly with the passing of Larry Hagman since, bittersweet -- to see the once-robust schemer a silent shadow of himself when brother Bobby ( Patrick Duffy) visited him in a nursing facility.  -- Jay Bobbin

"Dexter" (Showtime): Debra ( Jennifer Carpenter) spent much of the previous season talking to a psychiatrist about her half brother, Dexter ( Michael C. Hall), and ultimately confessing that her feelings toward him might be of a more-than-sibling nature. Season 7 began with her hiding those from him, especially when he started a new romance ... so when Debra admitted her romantic thoughts to him, it was an absolutely huge moment. And a thoroughly Emmy-worthy performance by Carpenter. -- Jay Bobbin

"Homeland" (Showtime): In Episode 4 of this acclaimed drama's second season, Carrie ( Claire Danes) returns unofficially as a CIA agent. Flouting her bosses, Claire confronts Brody (Damian Lewis) in his hotel room, looks her former lover in the eye and announces: "We know, Brody. You are a terrorist and a traitor, and now it's time to pay for that." And soon, he's in cuffs.  -- Jacqueline Cutler

"Revenge" (ABC): Victoria Grayson ( Madeleine Stowe) seemed to be dead when the first season of this drama ended. Realistically, though, a character that pivotal to the series was destined to come back before Season 2 was very old; the question was when and how. It was answered before the season premiere was over, with Emily ( Emily VanCamp) getting the first vision of her chief nemesis still very much alive. -- Jay Bobbin

"Sons of Anarchy" (FX): Many have died -- in bloody and spectacular ways - over the history of this outlaw-biker drama. But it's always different when it's family. In an episode cheekily called "Laying Pipe," troubled Opie ( Ryan Hurst), longtime pal of new motorcycle club president Jax Teller ( Charlie Hunnam), sacrificed himself for the club in a prison death match. As Jax watched helplessly, the fight concluded when a length of pipe connected with Opie's skull. It's not a moment fans are likely to soon forget. -- Kate O'Hare
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