'Sons of Anarchy' episode 608 - 'Los Fantasmas' recap: Jax juggles family trauma and SAMCRO

At the end of "Sweet and Vaded," "Sons of Anarchy" fans were left with their jaws on the floor as they finally realized Tara's ( Maggie Siff) master plan to get her kids away from the club and Charming. She faked an attack from Gemma ( Katey Sagal) and a miscarriage, which means she was never pregnant.

In "Los Fantasmas," it's revealed that Gemma has figured out exactly what Tara did and why, but it's going to take some serious convincing to get anyone on her side. Though the good doctor isn't exactly winning allies. Not only did she hide the plan from her lawyer, but also Unser ( Dayton Callie). Neither is too happy with her actions, or the fact that she essentially played them.

Tara's entire character is easily summed up with a perfect quote from Unser, who says, "It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right." Tara, herself, even has trouble coming to terms with what she's done and has a small breakdown at one point.

It doesn't help when she has a chat with Bobby ( Mark Boone Junior) who lets her know how imperative she is to Jax's ( Charlie Hunnam) survival. "We're up against it here. I honestly don't know if we're going to make it," Bobby tells her, "but he ain't got a chance without you."

Then there's Wendy ( Drea de Matteo). She might be the one person Gemma can turn against Tara, and she's trying with all her might. Her angle is simple, she's not promising Wendy she'll get to see her son, instead she says she'll convince Jax not to kill her."

Getting Jax to listen to anything she has to say may take some work, though. When he finds Gemma at the hospital, he tells her she'll never see his kids again, with the parting shot, "Grandma is dead." As for Wendy, she ends the episode going back to drug use, showing she simply can't control herself under this kind of pressure.

There's also some bad news for the club, as somebody leaked information to the media that SAMCRO and Nero's crew, the Byz Lats, were responsible for the gun used in the school shooting. Of course, that somebody was District Attorney Patterson ( CCH Pounder). She's coming after the club in an entirely different way than they've encountered before. She's using the law to her advantage and working within it, rather than stepping outside of it.

Pursuing Nero ( Jimmy Smits) does her no good as he'll only incriminate himself and, in the end, he gets released because they have evidence proving that Toric ( Donal Logue) killed the escort. Before Nero got out of jail though, the Sons met with his crew. During the meeting, one of the Byz Lats was run down by a car. 

When the club and the gang find it's owner, they realize he's simply the grieving father of one of the kids who died in the school shooting. The man read the reports in the newspaper and wanted those responsible for the gun to suffer. In the end they leave the man alone, but he kills himself when police arrive, something Patterson will have to live with.

Though the club avoided the cops there, all is not well. While Patterson didn't get to Nero, it seems Barosky ( Peter Weller) might be an entirely different story. The D. A. has come up with a plan that will completely erase his control over the port, which is his source of power, if he doesn't cooperate.

So far, Barosky is being open with Jax about the pressure he's under. However, if the threat becomes real, Barosky is going to look out for himself first and foremost and he knows an awful lot about the club's dealings.

As the episode comes to a close, the focus comes back to simply Jax and Tara. He knows everything is wrong, both with the club and in their marriage, and wants badly to fix it, but isn't sure it's possible. He has no other choice but to simply beg Tara for a way to make everything right. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the answers he's looking for.

All that was missing from the episode was Venus ( Walton Goggins) and Clay ( Ron Perlman). What did you think of "Los Fantasmas"?
Photo/Video credit: FX