'Sons of Anarchy' gingerbread men will beat up your cookies: Pics

It's going to be a very "Sons of Anarchy" Christmas with these cookies out in the world, intimidating snickerdoodles and selling firearms to macaroons. Cakes by Erin, a bakery in Haverhill, Mass.,  shared pictures of its special holiday treat: gingerbread re-creations of 17 different "Sons of Anarchy" characters, from Jax ( Charlie Hunnam), all the way down to Chucky ( Michael Ornstein).

The cookies, which they are calling "Crumbs of Anarchy," can be ordered for $5 each, but if you're not getting the full set why even bother? Since the "Sons of Anarchy" action figures aren't out yet, these could be some really tasty placeholders in the meantime. Cakes by Erin gets bonus points for remembering Piney's ( William Lucking) breathing tube.

Photo/Video credit: Cakes by Erin