'Sons of Anarchy': Kurt Sutter writing 'The Life and Death of Sam Crow' manuscript

When "Sons of Anarchy" began, the change in main character Jax ( Charlie Hunnam) came about after he found an unpublished manuscript by his father, John Teller. The book, "The Life and Times of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way," told the story of John's original idea for the club and his regrets over what they've become.

When the show ends after Season 7, fans will get a chance to read the entire manuscript, as it's going to be written and released the day after the series finale. The news comes from creator Kurt Sutter, who writes on Twitter, "I'll BE WRITING JT'S MANUSCRIPT: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SAM CROW'."

Several passages from the work have been read throughout the series, as Jax attempts to find a way to steer the club toward his father's vision, away from the outlaw life. The finished manuscript will be a nice treat for fans who are coping with the show ending. The news might also lead the speculation that it will become a focus point of the story once again, as the final season gets closer.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images