'Star Wars 7': Darth Vader will be resurrected - report

star-wars-darth-vader-rises-from-ashes-chewbaca-princess-lea-rumor.jpgSeveral former cast members are eager to be on board when Disney brings George Lucas' "Star Wars" back to the big screen in 2015, so why not bring back one of the most infamous characters as well?

The UK's Daily Express reports "Darth Vader will rise from the ashes" on the pages of Michael Arndt's script for "Star Wars Episode 7."

The paper's purportedly well-placed source insists, "He's an integral part of the franchise. Replacing him is virtually impossible. The plan is for him to return and play a significant role in the new films."

Originally voiced by James Earl Jones, the character was last portrayed by Hayden Christensen in the prequel trilogy, when Anakin Skywalker is seen descending into the Dark Side. 

No worry that Vader was killed saving Luke Skywalker from Emperor Palpatine in "Return of the Jedi." The alleged film mole points out, "This is science fiction, remember."

Do you think Disney should bring back Darth Vader? Or is he dead for a reason? 
Photo/Video credit: Fair Use