'Star Wars' Day and Free Comic Book Day offer back-to-back nerd celebrations

star-wars-comic-book-marvel.jpgThe stars are aligning for nerds everywhere with May 4 marking the unofficial holiday "Star Wars" Day -- "May the fourth be with you" -- and Saturday (May 5) being Free Comic Book Day.

So how do you celebrate this mash-up of nerdiness?

You can start by strapping on your Princess Leia sidebuns and checking out Nick McCaig's video he created just for "Star Wars" Day, featuring his unique vocal tribute to the movie's iconic theme.

And, of course, don't forget to stop into your favorite local comic book shop on Saturday for a freebie -- ask first if the store is participating, though, because even the force can't get you out of a shoplifting charge.
Photo/Video credit: Marvel