Subway sued over footlongs that came up a bit short

two-men-sue-subway-for-undersized-sandwiches-facebook.jpgTwo men from New Jersey have filed a lawsuit against the world's biggest fast-food chain, Subway. They claim that the company has been cheating them on sandwiches, and they won't stand for it any longer.

The Associated Press reports the men are looking for compensatory damages, as well as a change in Subway's practices. Their lawyer, Stephen DeNittis, says the company should either make their footlong sandwiches 12 inches long, or stop advertising them as such.

After measuring sandwiches from 17 different restaurants, DeNittis said not a single one of them has measured 12 inches long.

This all began when a customer posted a picture of a sandwich that didn't live up to it's name on Subway Australia's Facebook page. The company responded that "footlong" wasn't a measurement, but rather a registered trademark to describe their product. How it describes it as anything other than a foot long sandwich is a mystery.

Subway has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but it's entirely possible Jared Fogle will pop up to say it's part of his new diet plan.
Photo/Video credit: Facebook