'Supermarket Superstar': Tabasco lover Debbi Fields is 'more than cookies'

Helping others on their way to launching their own food brands is bringing back tons of memories for Debbi Fields.

The woman who founded Mrs. Fields Cookies in the late 1970s is among those mentoring the contestants on "Supermarket Superstar," Lifetime's current Thursday competition that will give the eventual winner prizes including near-immediate placement of his or her product on the shelves of the A&P supermarket chain and its affiliates.

"I was so invigorated by it, it was probably as good for me as it was for the participants who had the chance to win $10,000," Fields tells Zap2it about taping the episodes. "It was just that big of a deal. The folks would start with their pitch and presentation, then we'd move to tasting the product. There were those that were home runs -- first bite, unbelievable -- then others that I didn't want to put in my mouth, I was so afraid of what I was about to eat."

In either case, Fields enjoyed being one of the people to advise the would-be entrepreneurs.

"If they chose to listen, they could still strike out if it didn't work. Or if it did work, phenomenal. And then, if they had the product but not the marketing or the branding, to see the evolution of that right before your eyes was fascinating and exciting and exhilarating.

"Everybody has the potential," Fields adds from experience, "if they have the dream and the desire to do it."
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime