'Supermoon' rising on Sunday night - get your camera ready

The largest full moon of 2013 will be rising Sunday evening (June 23), when the moon will be at its closest point to the Earth (the perigee), creating what has become known as the "supermoon." The moon will appear roughly 12 percent bigger in the sky than normal.

"It doesn't matter where you are, the full moon you're seeing will be the biggest for 2013," NASA's assistant director of science Michelle Thaller tells Space.com. "That 12 percent size difference can mean as much as a 30 percent change in brightness, so this will be a particularly bright supermoon."

Thaller adds that while a supermoon does happen about once a year, this year the supermoon is closer than it has been in a while. Space.com adds that if you take an amazing picture of the supermoon on Sunday, send it to spacephotos@space.com and maybe it you'll see it on their website.

Photo/Video credit: Space.com