'Supernatural': Anime series in the works, creator thanked in fan-made ad

supernatural-dean-sam.jpg" Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke likely had a nice surprise delivered to his doorstep this morning (June 11) in his copy of The Hollywood Reporter.

As Kripke has stepped down from his position as showrunner - ceding the throne to Sera Gamble - a passionate group of "Supernatural" fans raised money to thank him with a full-page ad in the trade mag.

The ad reads:

"To Eric Kripke,

Over the past five years, we've traveled the back roads of America with the Winchester brothers saving people, hunting things, and kicking ass at the family business. We fell in love with a 1967 Impala, classic rock and emotionally codependent brothers all thanks to you. It was your imagination and vision that brought Supernatural to life and imbued it with such heart and scope.

Thank you for the last five years of Supernatural. Thank you for letting Sam and Dean Winchester be a part of our lives. On whatever road you travel next, know that your fans will gladly shut their cakeholes and ride shotgun with you.

Thank you."

supernatural-kripke-ad.jpgKripke may have stepped down from his showrunner position, but he's nowhere near done with "Supernatural." He remains on staff as an executive producer, and has also signed on to create an anime cartoon based off of Season 1 and Season 2 of the live-action CW drama, which stars Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean.

According to Anime News Network, the new anime series will be produced by Warner Bros Japan and Madhouse, which produced anime hits "Death Note," "Paprika," and "Batman: Gotham Night." The first episodes will become available on January 12, 2011 in Japan, and will be dubbed by the same actors who dub Sam and Dean in the live action version. A U.S. release is expected to follow.

The series will include not only the urban legend-based shorelines of the first two seasons, but also new material. Fans can expect "prequel" episodes that delve into Sam and Dean's childhood on the road, new monsters for the boys to fight, and more time with secondary characters.

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Photo Credit: The CW