'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles says the classic rock is coming back

spn-jensen-leg-guitar.jpgMusic has always been one of the most important supporting characters on "Supernatural." We'd put it right up there with Castiel, Bobby, and the Impala. In fact, one draft of the pilot script described the soundtrack as so: "CUE MUSIC. And you can take your anemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass. We're playing Dean's music-- adrenaline pumping METAL-- and we're playing it loud."

The draft also called our heroes Sam and Dean Harrison, which just doesn't have the same ring to it, but we digress.

The first couple of seasons of the show featured songs like "Renegade" by Styx, "Back in Black" by AC/DC, and "Laugh, I Nearly Died" by the Rolling Stones, but the classic rock has been less prevalent in more recent episodes. Zap2it was On the Scene at the Creation Entertainment Salute to Supernatural Event in Los Angeles when series star Jensen Ackles addressed fans' concerns.

"The music on the show has been pulled back a bit," he says. "A lot of it is budgetary reasons. These songs, these classic rock songs that everybody knows, are really expensive to get. A lot of times it's just not in the budget because production is such a heavy budgeted thing that they just don't have any money left when it's time to put the music in."

Never fear, "Supernatural" fans! The powers that be have heard your concerns and are making adjustments accordingly. "Thank you for complaining," Ackles says. "Because now they are starting to filter it back in and they're going to make an effort because it was a big part of the show." He notes that one of the reasons he fell in love with the pilot script was the line about the anemic alternative pop.

"That was a really cool part of the show and we've still got to carry on that sense. You're right, it's not the same without the music, so I agree. We're bringing it back though," he promises.

What are your favorite music moments from the show?

Our number one pick is "Carry On Wayward Son" from the first season's finale recap montage. It's become tradition to use the song in finales and premieres over the last six seasons, but nothing beats the first one for us.

We also love "Renegade," from the episode "Nightshifter," in which Sam and Dean have to take down SWAT team members and evade one very headstrong FBI agent in order to make it back to their car.

And who can forget this season's tearjerker Dean-without-Sam montage, set to "Beautiful Loser" by Bob Seger? We cry every time.

  Weigh in below on your fave music moments, "Supernatural" fans.
Photo/Video credit: CW