'Supernatural': Why next week's 'The Purge' will be the best episode ever - GIFs


As the final minutes of this week's "Supernatural" ended, we were more than a little devastated. Although Sam and Dean were back together after spending some time apart, emotionally they were as far away from each other as they'd ever been. 

But then we saw the promo for next Tuesday's (Feb. 4) episode, "The Purge," and all our worries about what was coming next for the Winchesters vanished. Because next week's episode is going to be the best. Episode. Ever.

And yeah, we got that all from a quick, 30-second promo. But we're confident that it's going to be awesome. Why, you ask? 

First of all, the boys are finally hunting together again:


Despite Sam's heartbreaking speech at the end of this week's episode about not being brothers if they're going to hunt together, we'll also finally see the return of their funny, adorable brotherly moments. Like when Dean enjoys his powdered doughnut a little too much:


It will also be a nice break from the heavier mythology/events of Season 9 to return to some of the wackier case-of-the-week hunts like the ones in earlier seasons. In "The Purge," Sam and Dean go undercover at a spa to find out why murder victims die a hundred pounds lighter than how they were alive: 


Which means Jared Padalecki will be in a tank top. A TANK TOP:


BRB just want to stare at this forever:


Unfortunately, Dean's undercover uniform won't be as amazing as his gym teacher outfit, but we have high hopes for his cafeteria worker getup:


This exchange alone already has us counting down the days until the episode airs:


The boys are making fun of each other! That's like practically hugging for the Winchesters.

So while we wait for Tuesday to roll around, we're just going to keep staring at Sam in a tank top. Because, come on, Sam's IN A TANK TOP.

"Supernatural" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW