'Survivor' Hero Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper on the Colby flirtation, inside Russell info

jessica-sugar-kiper-320-survivor.jpgJessica "Sugar" Kiper was the first booted contestant from "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains." She talks to Zap2it about knowing she was DOA, the Colby flirtation and that some people knew more about Russell than others coming in.

Sugar is full of interesting surprises -- did you know she sings in a band called "She Loves Betty White" and is about to star as Magenta in a Los Angeles production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show?" She also gave Zap2it a delightful interview. Check it out.

What made you want to come back?

They asked me. [ laughs] I didn't apply the first time, they found me, so that was a miracle. I didn't think I was going to skate through like on Gabon, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I figured I was probably DOA. Nobody really knows me and I didn't have anybody, like a real ally. I thought I had a few hopeful allies but it didn't work out that way.

Let's talk about the bra incident in the reward challenge. Did Sandra do it on purpose?

She fully did it on purpose, I felt her unhooking it. I said to her, "Don't take my bra off, b***h." and she says something like, "I'm a villain" and gives a sinister laugh. She's hanging onto it like I'm just going to bury my head in the sand in embarrassment, like people haven't seen my boobs before. I rolled out of it and was like, "This is my only chance." I wish I had eyes in the back of my head 'cause I would've really liked to see their faces when I did that.

Were you surprised or angry at being voted out first?

No. When we were having our discussion before the vote, Stephenie looked at me and said something about weak players and winked. She basically told me right there that I was leaving. I put on my shoes after that ... I guess they didn't show it, but when they said the final "Sugar" vote, I put my hands up like "Duh, of course." They're not going to get a surprised look on my face.

On the Colby "showmance":

I'm not attracted to Colby. That's like 5 seconds of what really went down and I think it's hilarious that they played it that way. They totally made me look like Jerri No. 2, not that there's anything wrong with that.

On Russell and what anybody knew before the season started:

Certain people might have inside people who might know more about what's really going on and they're best friends with people... It's life, it's "Survivor," it's Hollywood. People did know certain things [ coughsParvaticoughs].

That's exactly who I was thinking of. She made some comments in an interview during the show that seemed like she knew more about Russell --

Yeah. Well, all they told us, the common players, was that Russell was on the last season, he obviously did something important or big enough for them to bring him back and when he was placed on the Villains team we knew he was a villain and probably went really far in the game. But some other people maybe knew some things...

[ At this point, the interview is cut off by CBS]

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