'Survivor: Samoa': Is Russell Hantz a hero or a villain?

russell-hantz-survivor-320.jpg"Evil" Russell Hantz was one of the most polarizing contestants in "Survivor" history. Find out if Russell and his fellow Final Five see him as a hero or a villain and vote for yourself in our poll.

We attended the "Survivor: Samoa" finale tonight and after they teased that the 20th season of "Survivor" is going to be Heroes vs Villains, the question on everyone's mind was if Russell would be included. He got asked at every turn on the red carpet.

We happen to think it's highly likely that Russell was asked to participate, so the question on our minds is: Which side is Russell Hantz on?

We asked Natalie, Brett, Mick and Jaison on what side they felt Russel should be cast if he does in fact participate in next season's show. They unanimously said "villain." Mick went so far as to laugh at us for even asking the question, saying, "He's a total villain! Are you kidding me? He's the epitome of villain. He's like the Darth Vadar of 'Survivor!'"

However, Russell says he's a hero and that clearly America thinks he's a hero as well. So vote below. Is Russell Hantz a hero or a villain?

"Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" will have a two-hour premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11.

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Photo credit: CBS