'Teen Wolf's' Crystal Reed turns 29: Ways Allison Argent could beat you in a fight

"Teen Wolf" star Crystal Reed turns 29 on Feb. 6, 2014. In honor of the big day, here are 29 ways Allison Argent could beat any of us in a fight. Not that anyone sane would take on the show's favorite werewolf hunter.

1. Along with Lydia, Allison is judging you.

1.jpg2. She is skeptical of any lies you tell her.

crystal-reed-birthday-2.jpg3. She confronts bad guidance counselors with impressive directness.

crystal-reed-birthday-3.jpg4. Do you know how to set a booby trap? Allison does.

crystal-reed-birthday-4.jpg5. Allison's friends can beat you up too.

crystal-reed-birthday-5.jpg6. Her self-defense skills are sufficient to fight off a werewolf. A werewolf!

crystal-reed-birthday-6.jpg7. No man can resist Allison's charms.

crystal-reed-birthday-7.jpg8. Unless you're Oliver Queen, Allison's archery skills almost definitely surpass yours.

crystal-reed-birthday-8.jpg9. If you did manage to hurt Allison, she knows first aid.

crystal-reed-birthday-9.jpg10. You can't sneak up on her in the shower.

crystal-reed-birthday-10.jpg11. Or in the closet.

crystal-reed-birthday-11.jpg12. It's no use trying to hide. Allison can read maps.

crystal-reed-birthday-12.jpg13. If Allison doesn't want to get out of bed, Allison doesn't get out of bed.

crystal-reed-birthday-13.jpg14. It bears repeating: No man can resist Allison's charms.

crystal-reed-birthday-14.jpg15. You don't want to mess with Allison's dad.

crystal-reed-birthday-15.jpg16. As we were saying about Allison's dad ... (Notice the gun on the desk?)

crystal-reed-birthday-16.jpg17. Not even bank vaults can keep out Allison.

crystal-reed-birthday-17.jpg18. She can burrow when necessary.

crystal-reed-birthday-18.jpg19. Allison doesn't trust anything, even fog.

crystal-reed-birthday-19.jpg20. She sleeps with a giant knife under her pillow.

crystal-reed-birthday-20.jpg21. When you hang out at her house, there are weapons just lying around on tables.

crystal-reed-birthday-21.jpg22. Allison has a gun. It's a really big gun.

crystal-reed-birthday-22.jpg23. Again: No man can resist Allison's charms.

crystal-reed-birthday-23.jpg24. She could kill you with that paintbrush.

crystal-reed-birthday-24.jpg25. Seriously, no man can resist Allison's charms.

crystal-reed-birthday-25.jpg26. Big, tough men lean on Allison for support.

crystal-reed-birthday-26.jpg27. The Argent family has access to weapons you've never even heard of before.

crystal-reed-birthday-27.jpg28. Not even Wonder Woman can top Allison's lasso skills.

crystal-reed-birthday-28.jpg29. As previously mentioned, Allison has her charms.

crystal-reed-birthday-29.jpgHappy Birthday, Crystal Reed -- please don't hurt us!

Photo/Video credit: MTV