'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' gets into kidnapping

Brainaustingreen_scc_240 I have to hand it to " Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," they have absolutely no problem killing off main characters or doing other taboo things. We can all assume that John Connor will survive the series, but after killing Charley last week and doing what they did this week, I think all other bets are off.

When Savannah was sitting in class at the beginning of the night, John Henry started chatting with the young one via her computer. The teacher was terribly concerned that Savannah was chatting with some random adult. It was the adult part that worried her, not the chatting. Apparently chatting on the computer with random people during class is perfectly acceptable, as long as the random person is a child. It's a brave new world those Terminator people live in, a brave new world, I didn't know you could blatantly ignore lessons in school that way.

The teacher was, obviously, totally wrong about John Henry wanting to do inappropriate things with a minor, at least inappropriate sexual things (pretty much everything about John Henry is inappropriate), I think the jury is still out on John Henry's endgame, but, whatever John Henry's plans -- be they good or bad -- they were certainly his and he didn't want anyone interfering with them. And, that "anyone" definitely included people dressed like water deliverymen who were concealing one or more weapons. John Henry helped protect Savannah from that particular danger, at least until John Connor showed up to save the day.

I hate that sort of timing -- a guy shows up in the house to kill Savannah just after John Henry calls, so John Henry can protect her somewhat. Then, wonder of wonders, the Connor gang shows just in time to really protect Savannah. It's a little too fortuitous if you ask me. The Connors did a pretty good job though, Savannah survived the water boy's attack.

Wait, they didn't do a good job, did they? The water boy was actually a Terminator and while Savannah may have survived the attack, Derek didn't. Derek took a bullet to the center of his forehead and fell dead instantly (he'd later be buried in the same graveyard as Kyle). Eh, no big deal, Sarah didn't really trust him anyway, right?

What were the Connors thinking going to Weaver's? They went to learn more about Savannah, possibly kidnap her (they certainly ended up doing that), and yet didn't bother to wear masks. Obviously they were going to be taped. John Henry instantly knew exactly who had taken Savannah and he told Ellison. Sure, maybe the Connors didn't know that they'd be found out so quickly, but they could have guessed they were going to be found out eventually.

At least they got some pretty good info out of Savannah, she told John Connor that John Henry existed and gave him a pretty good idea that John Henry was a Terminator. As Ellison couldn't convince Weaver to leave the office to go meet Sarah, it meant that Sarah was going to come to Weaver's work and to John Henry. Gee, I wonder what her plans may have been there?

Sarah's one mistake was trusting Ellison to make the meeting happen. That was a bad choice on her part. Either Ellison sold her out or he was followed by the Feds who were looking for Savannah, because after Ellison got the girl, Sarah walked into a trap and found herself arrested by a whole lot of police officers. If you ask me, Ellison didn't set it up, he was followed without his knowledge. That doesn't make him smart, but it does mean that he at least had good intentions (I know, the road to hell is paved with those).

Wow, quite the episode. Only one more left this season people, and they way things are going, it promises to be a doozy.

Bits and pieces:

  • John Henry was concerned tonight about whether he was Cain and his "brother" (the one who infected him last week) was Abel or vice versa. I loved Weaver's answer when John Henry asked her. She told him that he might be God in that story.
  • Cameron told John Connor that the reason he and Sarah went to the lighthouse last week was that Sarah was planning on leaving John with Charley. Do you buy that?

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