'30 Rock' & 'The Office' ...that's all I need

Rainnwilson Haven't yet finished watching "Grey's" and "Parks and Rec" is still on my to-do list, but "The Office" & "30 Rock" alone were enough to make Thursday TV's finest night...

Dwight paying Pam's replacement to pretend she'd won an art contest? Not cool?

Oh, I beg to differ, PB&J. You two can dish it out, but when Schrute pulls a little prank, it's not cool?

Come on. That was one of the best laughs of the evening. 

Also high on the list? Liz Lemon, Pete Hornberger and Toofer trying to solve the mystery of Tracy's real age (because it's so hard to tell with black people, of course):

L: Okay, what about this... maybe Tracy is 60.
H: No, that's ridiculous.
L: Think about it. He can't rap. He has diabetes. A lot of his friends are dead...
H: He falls asleep in chairs. He doesn't know how to use a computer. He's always mad at the TV!
T: His favorite show is "NCIS".
L: (Gasp) He might be 70!

HA! An "NCIS" joke!

Edhelms Honorable mentions go to Ed Helms for Andy Bernard's very commendable performance in the Cafe Disco dance off, to Ryan the Temp for taking a lesson from every good anorexic and using food to feel in control of his life, to whomever came up with the idea for "30 Rock"'s spoof on "Mamma Mia" (brilliant) and to Angela Martin for spouting this sentence: "I hate to be that person, but I just don't like the general spirit of music."

Oh, and shout out to "Last Comic Standing"'s Amy Schumer, whom you probably missed if you don't have a super keen TV eye, but she had one of the best throwaway lines of the night. Playing the makeup artist trying to get Liz ready for a magazine photo shoot, she tugged the skin of Lemon's face back as best she could and uttered, "Ugh, I'm gonna get some tape." 

L. O. L.