'The Arsenio Hall Show': Hall uses Twitter like a Justin Bieber fan

arsenio-hall-the-arsenio-hall-show-synd-325.jpgZap2it: I hear you are a fan of technology. Is that true?

Arsenio Hall: Without doubt. I'm such a freak. I love that stuff. I was the little boy who would take stuff apart at home and put it back together. Back in the day, I was that kid. I was the little "Inspector Gadget."

Zap2it : What was your first computer?

Arsenio Hall : My first computer wasn't a computer. It was a word processor; a hybrid between a computer and a typewriter.

Zap2it : Have the producers supplied you with all the tech toys you want?

Arsenio Hall : I came with toys. If someone has to give you your toys, you truly aren't into them. You should have everything you want and love, if you are really into it, regardless of who pays for it. They're never going to give you the toys you want.

But the bottom line is, I'm a toy fanatic. Before I realized that the Tesla was an electric car, what I first noticed is that it looked like it had an iPad on the dashboard. I didn't even know that it didn't have liquids (in the fuel tank).

Zap2it : Are you also doing social media?

Arsenio Hall : I use Twitter like the girls use Twitter who love [Justin] Bieber, because it's so cool to find out what people want immediately, and who they're interested in and why, who they don't like, and how many women are cool with Chris Brown now.
Photo/Video credit: CBS Television Distribution