'The Bachelor': Zap2it readers are Team Tenley

tenley-bachelor-320.jpgTenley was the overwhelming favorite in Zap2it's "Bachelor" poll.

As of Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 10:45 am PT with almost 700 votes cast, Tenley has won with 67% of the vote. Vienna is way behind with only 17% of the vote. "Somebody who already went home" received only 30 votes total.

The real surprise was the "Other" write-in choice. That choice has received 11% of the total vote and the write-ins are overwhelmingly for Ali. In fact, the difference between Vienna and Ali is not that big.

Hilariously, there was one write-in vote for "Jennifer." There have been no Bachelorettes this season named Jennifer.

So that's the Zap2it readers' Final Three: Tenley, Vienna and Ali. We wonder if that's how it will happen?

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