'The Big Bang Theory' gift guide: Don't let your holiday be a bazinga

big-bang-theory-gift-guide-cbs.jpgWith its position as one of the number one shows on TV, chances are there's someone in your life who's a diehard "Big Bang Theory" fan. If you're still looking for something to buy them for the holidays, look no further. Zap2it has put together a comprehensive list of gift suggestions for the "Big Bang Lover" lover in your life.

rubiks-cube.jpgUnder $25:

"The Big Bang Theory A - Z" paperback ($12.95): Test your knowledge of the series against this comprehensive compendium of all things "Big Bang."

The Big Bang Theory Ice Cube Tray ($14.95): For the fan who's always wanted a little more Sheldon in their soda. Make ice in the shape of soft kitty, robots, atoms and "Bazinga."

Scissor Lizard Spock Puzzle Cube ($24.95): The Rubik's cube you know and love gets an update with the hand symbols from Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. If you can figure it out, good on you.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Dice Set ($19.99): In case you'd like your game to be even more confusing.

Under $50:

Soft Kitty Singing Stuffed Animal ($29.99): For those days when you're not feeling your best and the Penny in your life isn't around to rub Vick's on your chest and sing to you.

"The Big Bang Theory" Clue ($39.95): Yeah, you read that right. In this updated version of the classic board game, someone's done something to betray Sheldon and he won't rest until he finds out who, how and where. 

Periodic Table Shower Curtain ($32.95): Shower like Sheldon and Leonard, brushing up on your elemental knowledge in the process.

Big Bang Theory Cookies (One Dozen) ($35.00): For anyone who's ever wanted to take a bite out of the silhouette of Leonard's face or the lyrics to "Soft Kitty," these made-to-order cookies are just the ticket.

bazinga-pillows.jpgUnder $100:

The Big Bang Theory Bobblehead Set ($84.99): Sadly, neither Amy or Bernadette made the cut for this pack, but it's a start for the fan who wants to watch some "Big Bang" heads bobble. And next year, you'll only have to add two to the collection.

Painted Wine Glasses (Set of 5) ($80.00): Again, no Amy or Bernadette, but these wine glasses are made-to-order, guaranteeing that no two Raj glasses out there will be quite the same.

BaZnGa Set of Three Crocheted Pillows ($90.00): These made-to-order pillows turn Sheldon's catchphrase "Banzinga" into three elements on the periodic table. The perfect understated way to give a nod to your "Big Bang" fandom.

bazinga.jpgOver $100:

"The Big Bang Theory" Seasons 1-3 & Bazinga T-shirt Gift Set ($144.86): Chances are, the "Big Bang" fan in your life has already begun their DVD collection, but if not, here's the perfect place to start.

The Mini Big Bang Theory Matryoshka Dolls ($120.00): These made-to-order dolls can be customized to have each of the main five characters wearing different outfits and holding different nerd paraphernalia, but the one thing you shouldn't alter? Sheldon being the biggest one of all.

"BAZINGA" Original Framed Art ($500.00): This framed photo, created using Prismacolor Color Pencils, features Sheldon revealing his red Bazinga shirt beneath his button-up, a la Superman. For the super-est of the superfan, only.
Photo/Video credit: CBS, Etsy