'The Blacklist' kills off [spoiler]?, as Liz Keen goes 'Die Hard'

elizabeth-keen-blacklist-die-hard.jpgOn the most recent "Blacklist" episode, an old friend of Raymond Reddington's comes back into his life to wreak havoc on the FBI team. 

Anslo Garrick

The case of the week is super-bad guy Garrick, who feeds the Feebs bad intel so they'll bring Reddington to their off-the-grid facility, which he then infiltrates -- he is there to take Reddington and kill anyone who gets in his way.

While Agent Ressler is taking Red to safety, Ressler is badly shot in the leg and Reddington rather kick-buttingly staves off more bad guys and drags Ressler to safety himself -- inside "the box."

It's a more or less impenetrable see-through box, which is an amazing framing device to use so that Garrick can address Reddington while Red tends to Ressler's wounds. It makes for very heightened tension, particularly when Garrick starts threatening FBI agents with a bullet to the head if Red (or anyone) won't open the box.

In the end, Garrick ends up shooting Luli, Red's female bodyguard, and Assistant Director Cooper still won't open the box. His next victim is Dembe, Red's male bodyguard. A shot rings out as the screen fades to black, so we guess we should assume Dembe is dead.

Obviously the team did not come out unscathed, but the show didn't go quite as big as we thought it would. We maintain that Luli, who has been in a handful of episodes, is a minor enough character that that death really didn't have much of an impact.

"Die Hard"

Meanwhile, Agent Keen is on her way into the facility when the Garrick guys cut the power and leave her stranded in an elevator. She kicks off her shoes and scrambles up the wall -- how very John McClane of her.

After killing one bad guy and disabling another, Keen befriends the FBI tech guy and they make an effort to re-enable the communication system -- until she is captured by a bad guy. We don't like how this looks for Red and him having to make a choice next week.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • First of all, it's hard to take Anslo Garrick seriously when he looks so much like Butch Miller of The Bushwackers.
  • All the little "Die Hard" nods were terrific -- Keen was barefoot, Anslo calls her the "monkey wrench" ("the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench"), the bad guy sawing through the PVC pipe when disabling the power. So great. "Die Hard" is the best.
  • The scenes with Reddington in the box were incredibly good. James Spader is such a talented actor. His monologue describing why he can't die yet to Ressler was outstanding, and his exchange with Dembe during his death scene was beautiful. Serious kudos.
  • We got a short Keen flashback in the beginning of the episode when she came upon a charred stuffed bunny in a box of stuff from her father's house. Didn't she say that fire happened when she was 14? Was she still carrying around the stuffed bunny? Was that a lie? Was it Sam who set it? We have so many questions.
  • It's interesting that Garrick is no. 16. He's the lowest on the blacklist so far, by a good 30 slots. We wonder who no. 1 is?
  • Best Lines:

    : "All he does is extract people from places that don't exist, places exactly like this. Garrick expels high-level detainees, always by considerable force. ... Garrick is not a precision instrument, he's a blunt-force object. And seemingly immune to bullets. I can attest to this first hand having put one in his head years ago at point-blank range."

    Ressler: "You're an adjunct informant for the FBI, Reddington. That means you're my responsibility. That means I fight for your life no matter how badly I want to take it."

    Ressler: "You're really gonna do a field transfusion?"
    Red: "Oh, come now Donald. Think how much smarter you'll be afterwards."

    Red: "Allies today, enemies tomorrow. The world is a complicated place."

    Liz: "This'll be faster if we split up."
    Techie: "And scarier."

What did you think of "Anslo Garrick"? Frankly, we can't wait for next week.

Photo/Video credit: NBC