'The Bridge' EP Meredith Stiehm leaves to return to 'Homeland'


Meredith Stiehm is returning to "Homeland" for the upcoming Season 4, and potentially 5. That means she's parting ways with "The Bridge," which she's been co-showrunning at FX with Elwood Reid.

The Hollywood Reporter's sources say Stiehm and Reid "didn't see eye to eye on the direction of the series." Now Reid will be the show's only showrunner, though Stiehm will continue to have her executive producer credit.

Now that Stiehm is back in the "Homeland" writer's room, she has been tapped to co-write the Season 3 finale. It is slated to air on Dec. 15. She previously has written episodes like Season 1's "The Weekend" and Season 2's "The Choice."

"We're thrilled to welcome Meredith back, as she's been an integral part of Homeland from the beginning," Fox 21 president Bert Salke tells THR of Stiehm's "Homeland" return. "She's a fantastic writer and this deal returns her to this hugely valuable asset as well as allows us to develop with her down the road."

"Homeland" airs Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images