The craziest moments from the 'One Direction: This Is Us' world premiere - See the photos


When a boy band as popular and goofy as One Direction is the center of a documentary, you know the red carpet premiere for said film is going to be a memorable one. And the fans and attendees of the "One Direction: This Is Us" world premiere certainly didn't disappoint.

Whether it was the boys Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne dressing in matching black and white outfits, to fans in tears and/or wedding dresses, to the surprising red carpet arrivals, there was no shortage of outrageous and hilarious moments from Tuesday's (August 20) premiere.

Check out pictures from all the craziest moments from the "One Direction: This Is Us" world premiere:


One fan arrived to the red carpet dressed in her finest -- her wedding finest, that is. Was she hoping to snag a groom in one of the One Direction members?


Of course Simon Cowell dressed to match One Direction's uniform of black and white, but did he have to have a down-to-there deep-deep-V-neck? Styles is more covered than Cowell, and that's saying something.


Unsurprisingly, the female tween population was out in full force with handmade signs and cameras at the ready on the sidelines of the red carpet. But what was surprising was the amount of tears. Cheer up, girls, you're at the "One Direction" movie premiere.


Anyone else still confused why the "Super Size Me" star and director, Morgan Spurlock, was so into One Direction that he decided to direct their documentary? 


One Direction member Horan tries to bridge a major generational gap by chatting up Ronnie Wood. How much do you want to bet that none of the fans who camped out for premiere know that the Rolling Stones aren't referring to the magazine?

"One Direction: This Is Us" hits theaters Aug. 30.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images