The CW's 'H8R': 9 suggestions for shows we'd rather watch

h8r-tca.jpgWe're going on record to say that although haven't seen much of it, we're not fans of "H8R," the celebrities-have-feelings-too reality show airing in the fall.

Why? Mostly because the idea that celebs like Kim Kardashian, Barry Bonds and Snooki need to confront regular folks who have said mean things about them on the Internet to change their minds feels like a bald-faced and incredibly cynical attempt at image rehab for the celebs. And because it presupposes that because the "H8Rs" aren't famous, their opinions aren't really valid. And because the show's producers (including "The Bachelor's" Mike Fleiss) and host Mario Lopez tried to position their show as some sort of stand against bullying at a press tour session Thursday (Aug. 4).

But you know what we do kind of like? The title. In fact, it got us thinking of a bunch of other shows that could use abbreviations and numerals in their names -- and which we'd watch before "H8R." Some suggestions:

"HDR": Sounds just like "H8R," but looks completely different, because it's just "Saturday Night Live" chameleon Bill Hader being funny.

"SP8R": NBC decides to rename "The Office" in honor of its new star.

"G8R": Coming to Animal Planet, a touching series in which alligator wrestlers and their foes resolve their differences peacefully.

"W8R": Server by day, hipster detective by night. This wry look at the world of food service and crime-fighting makes its way to USA. Characters (and tips!) welcome.

"T8R": In the tradition of "Dynasty" and "Dallas," this drama (coming to TNT) is set in Idaho and centers on a powerful potato-farming family. (Thanks to Twitter user @mizenkay for the suggestion.)

"GR8R": From the Food Network, a grueling new competition series set in the world of artisanal cheese. Watch your knuckles.

"M8R": MTV's newest dating show has potential couples communicate only via text message ... until the big reveal. OMG!

"TR8R": From the producers of "24": Forced to make a choice, a hacker trades his outlaw life to work for the government. Is he a turncoat to his former colleagues -- or to the men he now works for?

And finally, from TLC, a docu-series about what REALLY goes on during Passover. Get ready for ... "S8R."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images