'The Event': See the full trailer for NBC's thriller

blair-underwood-laura-innes-the-event.jpgThe trailer for NBC's new series "The Event" will tell you quite a few things -- just not what "The Event" actually is.

Such is the nature of serialized conspiracy thrillers: If we all knew what it was from the trailer, there wouldn't be much reason to watch.

We do know, though, that whatever "The Event" is, it will bring together a guy ( Jason Ritter, "Parenthood") whose fiancee has gone missing; the president of the United States ( Blair Underwood), who's the target of an assassination plot; and a secret CIA program that somehow involves "ER's" Laura Innes. Oh, and also? It's visually pretty impressive, and sets up a lot of intriguing possibilities for those stories to intertwine.

Nick Wauters ("The 4400," "Eureka") created the show and is a co-executive producer; Evan Katz ("24"), Steve Stark ("Medium") and Jeffrey Reiner ("Friday Night Lights," "Trauma"), who directed the pilot, are the exec producers.

Take a peek at the full trailer.

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Photo credit: NBC