'The Good Mistress': When did you figure out the twist?

the-good-mistress-twist-lifetime.jpeg"The Good Mistress" spends roughly three-quarters of its two-hour run time being your standard made-for-TV-movie about a woman in peril. It's only in the last few minutes that audiences are treated to something different: A twist.

But is the twist too obvious? When did you realize who was the real bad guy in "The Good Mistress"?

The story, such as it is

After a requisite murder scene to establish that "The Good Mistress" is deadly serious and mysterious, we meet Sandy Cooper. She's a nice, lonely girl who, at some point in the vaguely defined past, hit a kid while driving drunk. Now, she's on probation and looking for a job in the beautiful small town of Shelter Hills filled with any number of unpleasant people.

There really are only two nice people -- Sandy's old babysitter Karen Waterford (now a lawyer) and Karen's husband, David. Actually, David might not be so nice, since he spends his time trolling for single ladies and faking his name.

When Sandy figures out that she just went out with her only friend's husband, she is distraught. David, however, is more distraught and gets all sinister.

David also dated the girl, Ann Logan, we saw murdered in that opening scene. The audience learns this via the medium of a rose that is somehow still fresh, despite having been given to a girl who's been dead for at least a week or two.

Because she's in awful Shelter Hills, it's not like Sandy can confide in a) the police, b) her landlord or c) anyone she works with. She does talk to the local barfly, but he soon ends up dead and framed for Ann's murder. Sandy has to take matters into her own hands.

This is a bad idea. That's because David is a slimeball, but he's not a psycho murderer. The actual nutjob is Karen. Sandy only figures this out when she tails the Waterfords to their remote (of course) cabin and knocks out David. As soon as Sandy confesses the affair to Karen, the latter snaps and goes all "I'm going to be the next Jackie Kennedy!" only with a knife.

At least the mean and stupid sheriff (who eventually turns out to be the nice and clever sheriff) shows up at the last minute to give Sandy a ride back into town. It's just after Sandy shoots Karen -- with a gun she found ... somewhere?

The end result of all of this is that Sandy gets her criminal record expunged, and then the now-nice Sheriff brings her pizza. Is this how it usually works after you shoot someone?

Now, about that twist ...

Having Karen be the killer is what distinguishes "The Good Mistress" from roughly every other damsel-in-distress TV movie. Sure, it doesn't make much sense. But not much in the movie does, from the title to the ambiguous ending.

Only a few clues pointed to Karen before those final moments. They are:

1. Karen is a photographer. Dead Ann had a lot of photos taken to help her modeling career.
2. David's suspicious behavior was intermittent at best.
3. Ummmm ... That might be it.

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Photo/Video credit: Lifetime