'The Hills': Kristin Cavallari on drug rumors, Lauren Conrad, and future plans

kristin-cav-getty.jpg"The Hills" cameras may have been put away after Season 5 wrapped, but its stars were never out of the public eye for long.

Kristin Cavallari
and castmates have become accustomed to seeing their personal lives splashed across magazine covers and gossip blogs. In the past, MTV has chosen to ignore the implications of "The Hills" ladies' constant media presence.

The network asked viewers to suspend disbelief when it came to Cavallari's fauxmance with Justin "Bobby" Brescia, Lauren Conrad's fashion line, and even an apologetic on-screen phone call between Conrad and Spencer Pratt which both later admitted was fabricated by clever editing.

However, when Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, April 27, fans will immediately notice a change. Well publicized events like Stephanie Pratt's DUI will now be addressed within the confines of the show, as evidenced within the first minute of the season opener, when Stephanie meets Lo Bosworth for lunch and admits she just came from an AA meeting. Stephanie, Bosworth, and Audrina Patridge later confront Cavallari about an alleged cocaine binge in Miami. So why did MTV change its tune and decide to start addressing its stars' real problems?

"First of all, that's not a real problem that I have," Cavallari assures Zap2it, referring to the allegations of her drug use. "When Lo says in the episode that people had been talking about me doing coke, that was so out of left field. That was just about girls being catty and making s*** up. I wasn't even with them in Miami, so that was just crazy for me to stand there and listen to that."

She says that Heidi Montag's recent changes forced "The Hills" producers to reconsider their approach. "We couldn't just ignore Heidi's surgeries. You have to address that, because it's so obvious, and because it's very serious and actually pretty sad."

Though Heidi will reveal her new face to her family in the season premiere, she's largely absent from this season due to her legal battles with MTV. Husband Spencer Pratt has been removed from the show due to his inability to manage his anger.

What viewers see of Cavallari and her castmates on "The Hills" is only a very small part of their lives. "We only shoot three days a week, and sometimes it's only for like an hour," she says. During their time off, Cavallari sees her real friends - none of whom are on the show - and enjoys her love life away from the camera lens.

"I never see them when we're not filming," she says, laughing. "I mean, I'll be honest. I have nothing to hide. Brody, I sometimes talk to, and Audrina maybe. Other than that, 'The Hills' is work, it's not my life."

In the season premiere, it's implied that there may be some tension between Kristin and Audrina. After all, they both have history with Justin Bobby, and they both have undeniable chemistry with Brody Jenner, Cavallari's ex. Still, Cavallari says that off-camera, there's no drama. "I never didn't like Audrina, I just didn't know her. Now we're getting along really well and I actually really like her; we have a lot of fun together."

Another former frenemy that Cavallari has mended fences with is Lauren Conrad, who Cavallari was hired to replace. There have been rumors that Conrad may return for the series finale, and Cavallari doesn't seem to have a problem with ceding the spotlight to Conrad one more time.

"I think it would be amazing if she came back. I really want her to," Cavallari says.  "It'd give everything some closure." After all, both women began their reality TV careers in 2004 as high-school rivals on "Laguna Beach."

The final season of "The Hills" is expected to finish filming in June, unless the network chooses to extend the season. "MTV can order an additional 12 episodes," Cavallari says.

She seems ready to move on, though. "I still want to pursue acting, but I haven't been [auditioning] because I can't while I'm committed to 'The Hills' and I don't know when I'll be available. I'd love to be on 'Californication' - I'd probably end up one of those girls sleeping with David Duchovny, I don't know. And I love 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl.'"

However, her latest career aspirations will put her behind the camera. "I really want to start producing. I love being in charge, obviously, and calling the shots. I've got three different reality shows that I'm pitching to networks right now. Hopefully I'll be able to talk a little bit more about those soon."

As for what's to come on "The Hills," Kristin says that the drama-drama-drama isn't going anywhere any time soon. "This season is going to be really good. Things get really juicy between me and Stephanie. I'm definitely going to confront her about a couple of things... well, a lot of things. You'll see."

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