'The Little Couple's' Bill Klein will dye your dog pink

bill-klein-the-little-couple-tlc-325.jpgZap2it: You and your wife, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, recently adopted 3-year-old William from China. How's he getting along with your dogs? (The couple have a 6-year-old Chihuahua named Rocky and a 2 1/2-year-old terrier named Maggie.)

Bill Klein: At first, they were not good towards William when he came into the house. Three-year-olds grab; they swing; they slap. We showed him how to fist-bump. That was a mistake. He fist-bumped the dog's face. It was funny ... for a second.

But they're getting used to him. We knew we had to deal with it. We had hired a dog trainer a few weeks before we left for China, hoping we could wrangle in some quick tips, maybe figure out some magical pill we could give the dog to embrace kids.

Zap2it: You were in medical devices; now, you own a pet store in Houston called Rocky and Maggie's Petshop. How did that happen?

Bill Klein: We were window shopping in Beverly Hills, and we walked into this pet boutique. About an hour later, I was sitting on a chair with my feet up, waiting for Jennifer to spend well over $150, $200 on Rocky. I said, "This isn't a bad business venture."

It's a consumer business. Everybody's friendly when they go there. They're shopping for their dog, and it's like a family member. So I started looking into the business, and it's a $50 billion industry.

Zap2it: What do you think about more extreme things, like dyeing dogs pink?

Bill Klein: We do offer that, but I've never actually seen it purchased yet.
Photo/Video credit: TLC