'The Mentalist's' Simon Baker does Mick Jagger, hits things with hammers on 'Late Night'

When he's not solving crimes on "The Mentalist," Simon Baker apparently does a pretty mean Mick Jagger impression.

Jimmy Fallon is known for his Jagger as well, so when Baker was a guest on "Late Night" Monday (Nov. 4), Fallon mentioned he had heard about Baker's take on the Rolling Stones singer. It's a "Mick-off," y'all! Hit play above to see both guys show off their fairly impressive Jagger struts.

Baker also stuck around to play a drinking game called Stump. The object: Pound your opponent's nail into a tree stump first; miss the nail and you have to drink. For safety's sake -- probably a good thing when both hammers and beer are involved -- both guys first put on helmets. Take a look:

"The Mentalist" airs Sunday nights on CBS.
Photo/Video credit: NBC