'The Newsroom's' Emily Mortimer doesn't think sexism criticsm 'was entirely fair'

emily-mortimer-the-newsroom-newscom-325.jpgZap2it: How would you compare working on Season 2 of "The Newsroom" to making Season 1?

Emily Mortimer: The first year was sort of "every man for himself," just flying by the seat of our pants and not even knowing what was going on, apart from just getting through it. This year, there was a sense of being able to look around and recognizing it as a safe environment, and I think it's added some depth. We'd settled in by the end of [filming] the second season in a big way.

Zap2it: Do you think your "Newsroom" character, MacKenzie McHale, also feels more settled?

Emily Mortimer: Yes. I think there's a feeling that we're in our jobs and we haven't been fired yet, both as actors and characters. There are so many parallels between making the show and the show itself.

The best possible research you could do for being on the show is being on the show. In its own way, it's similarly intense, chaotic and crazy. A lot is asked of us, and we have to perform and be good at what we do. There's the feeling that I was on probation for a year, and maybe I've gotten some time off for good behavior.

Zap2it : How do you feel about criticisms of the female characters in "The Newsroom?"

Emily Mortimer : I know many people who are quite capable and brilliant at their jobs, but they're also technophobes and can't send an email to the right person. Very often, those two things go hand in hand, so I don't know that criticism was entirely fair.
Photo/Video credit: Newscom