'The Simpsons': Watch 'Ren & Stimpy' creator John Kricfalusi's couch gag

Way back in the early days of "The Simpsons," the show had a little feud with "Ren & Stimpy Show" creator John Kricfalusi.

He had allegedly thrown a few barbs at the show, saying it had become a success in spite of its writing. "The Simpsons" responded with the Season 4 episode "The Front," in which Bart and Lisa write an "Itchy & Scratchy" episode. It's nominated for an award alongside "Ren & Stimpy," which at the time was notorious for the sometimes long delays between episodes. When clips from the nominated shows are played, the one for "R&S" was just a blank screen with the words "Clip not done yet."

Apparently both sides have gotten over that little spat, because on Sunday (Oct. 2), Kricfalusi animated the couch gag for "The Simpsons." You can watch it up above.

It's pretty far removed from the usual "Simpsons" style. Do you think it fits with the show, or are you just glad to see John K.'s work on screen again?
Photo/Video credit: FOX