'The Sing-Off' Night 2: Groove for Thought confuses judges by bumping it up a notch

Opening night jitters seem to be a thing of the past as "The Sing-Off" competitors came in hard for Night 2 making the judges' jobs very hard. Plus, Season 1 winner, Nota, returned to perform, which reminds us of two things: Why we returned to watch Season 2 and that it's time to buy that album.

We're pretty sure that there's some kind of handicapping going on when the show decides who will compete in the night's two groups. We have no scientific proof of this, of course, but we have strong suspicions. And that's better than science, right? 

In the first round, things seemed to go as planned. We had the teens of Eleventh Hour pegged for the elimination from the very beginning. While they seemed to invoke "Glee's" "cool-kids-make-nice-with-nerdy-ones-for-music" vibe, their sound just wasn't as dynamic or full as their competitors. Plus, who needs teenagers when old-schoolers like Jerry Lawson and & Talk of the Town can sing "Mercy" as if they fell in love with their high school sweetheart yesterday? By the way, how in the world can  Nicole Scherzinger, Shawn Stockman, and Ben Folds ever send the godfathers of a capella home? When or if that happens, we imagine several guilty sleepless nights for the trio.

Like in the first night, the real drama occurred during the Group 2 performances. We believe that Groove for Thought had a target on their backs and would be the ones singing their swan song. But, wait... the crew may have sensed they were placed in this group as the underdogs and decided to bump it up a notch. They stretched their voices and sound to every place imaginable in the few minutes they had on stage. By the end of their performance, Shawn looked as if his head was going to explode.

In the end, Groove for Thought moved seamlessly into Round 3 and Round 1 favorites, The Backbeats and The Whiffenpoofs, were left on stage to sweat out the decision. 

While we saw a very slight chance either one of these collegiately trained groups would be leaving this early in the competition when we began the night, the choice seemed obvious to us at this point. The Whiffenpoofs are extraordinary singers and performers, but there's a certain pretension about them that keeps them from fully embracing the spirit and style of this competition. The Backbeats are clearly more poised to go the distance in this arena.

So, poof, the boys of Yale clearly had to go. At least to us.

Night 3 of "The Sing-Off" airs Monday, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Do you think something went horribly wrong? Should Eleventh Hour or The Whiffenpoofs have moved on? Sound off below!
Photo/Video credit: NBC