'The Sing-Off' Season 4: Meet Element, the girl-powered all-female group

the-sing-off-element-season-4.jpgIt's been two years since the last season of NBC's "The Sing-Off" aired, but since then -- thanks to the success of the movie "Pitch Perfect" and to internet phenomenon Pentatonix, who won Season 3 -- a cappella singing is en vogue again. Zap2it spoke with each of the groups competing in Season 4 to get an idea of what the competition will hold. 

Up first is Element, this year's only all-female act.

If you're looking for girl power, Element is the group you'll want to root for in "The Sing-Off" this year. The singers, who range in age from 23 to 35, formed earlier in 2013 and their repertoire consists of covers from some seriously kick-ass female artists.

"We have a little bit different of a sound compared to other female groups in the past -- a little bit deeper, stronger, more womanly, rounded-out, fuller tones," says Emily Borromeo, who put the group together.

Most of the ladies in the group had sung with Emily in smaller groups before, and they were happy to join forces for the show. "We kind of really just wanted to get a group of strong, independent, fierce women together and make some awesome music," says Manjula Raman.

"Sing-Off" vet Johanna Vinson, a member of the popular girl group Delilah from Season 3, says Element is different from her previous gig. "This group has more people in it so we can do a few more things," she says. "We also have some really awesome soloists; everyone here has pursued musical theater and acting. Plus we're older -- everybody here has graduated college. The older you get the richer your voices are."

But just because they're the only all-female group and they cover mostly female artists doesn't mean that they can't do any song put in front of them. "What we would really like to do to do is just be a really awesome a cappella group and not even have the female part be anything," says Vinson. "That we're all women is just a bonus."
Photo/Video credit: NBC