'The Tomorrow People's' Luke Mitchell never wanted to be an actor

luke-mitchell-the-tomorrow-people-the-cw-newscom-325.jpgLuke Mitchell appreciates that he has landed roles far more easily than most actors. Mitchell, who plays John Young in The CW's "The Tomorrow People," airing Wednesdays, had planned on becoming a pro tennis player.

This wasn't just a kid's dream in the "I want to be a cowboy or astronaut" category. Mitchell played tennis competitively and comes from a very athletic family. His brother, Ben, is a world-ranked tennis player.

When Mitchell quit, he haphazardly found acting.

"I never did drama at school," Mitchell tells Zap2it in his native Australian accent. "I did it for one term, when it was compulsory, and I hated it. Tennis was the main thing in my life, and I was not open to anything else. When I removed tennis from the equation, I didn't know who I was."

Mitchell, who describes himself as shy, retains the athlete's determination to push himself out of his comfort zone.

"I stumbled onto an acting class one day, and it scared the absolute s*** out of me," he says. "I was petrified, and I had to do cold reads and improvise and with people who had done this before, and I had never done it. At the end I drove home, and it was such a freeing feeling that was a bit of a rush."

He recalls thinking this would be a good challenge, and he moved to Melbourne to find work. Within a month he landed a gig on a soap, which led to an independent film, and then a role on an established Australian hit.

Mitchell moved again for work, this time to Sydney, and after that panned out, he thought he would try Los Angeles.

"I did two weeks of auditions," he says. "Compared to what most people go through, it is next to nothing. I had no expectations."

Birth date: April 17, 1985

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Credits: The Australian shows "Neighbours," "Just Add Water," and "Home and Away"

Wife: Actress Rebecca Breeds

Other jobs: Coached tennis and worked in the pro store. And after working on a hit show, he took a job in a bowling alley, befriended the owner and was set to work. That day, his agent called, saying Mitchell landed a starring role in "Home and Away." He felt awful about canceling on the bowling alley owner. "I called him that night," he says. "I couldn't do it face to face. It was too hard."

Favorite movies: " 'Warrior' with Tom Hardy. All of the 'Lord of the Rings' films and the latest 'Hobbit,' and the latest trilogy of 'Batman' movies. They are fantastic."

Favorite books: "My favorite group growing up was 'The Hobbit.' It was the first book I actually finished. One of those adventure things that takes you to that land and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am not a huge book reader. I have read a whole bunch of autobiographies, a Heath Ledger bio that was fantastic and a Sean Penn bio that was fantastic."

Favorite music: " Macklemore. He is fantastic. I have quite an eclectic taste in music. I like Angus & Julia Stone; they are an Australian brother/sister duo. I like Adele. She is phenomenal."
Photo/Video credit: Newscom