'The Vampire Diaries' Michael Trevino: How far will Tyler go for Caroline?

tvd-trev-vid.jpgOn last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Tyler ( Michael Trevino) finally dropped the L-bomb with Caroline (Candice Accola)... and then delivered a fatal bite to her neck because a psychotic serial murderer told him to do it.

Teenage girls of America: That is so not love. Make a note.

Luckily, we sat down with our favorite werewolf-turned-werevamp for a mini-press conference at The CW's headquarters this morning, and it sounds like Tyler will be doing everything possible to make amends.

The theme of overcoming mind-control has come up throughout the season, and Tyler will go to extremes to break his bond to Klaus. His first stop? He's going to call up Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman), Caroline's dad.

Bill put Caroline through hell early in the season when he tried to cure her of her bloodlust via torture, and he's going to use similar methods with Tyler in Thursday night's harrowing episode. Plus, given the fact that Tyler recently tried to kill his beloved daughter... he's got some aggression to work out.

"In Bill's eyes, it's like, you have a serious problem. I know how serious your problem is, and you're trying to date my daughter, when you almost killed her?" Trevino tells us. "So he's got some issues he wants to address with Tyler as well. It's almost an ultimatum, like if you want to date my daughter, you're going to have to break this sire bond."

It's not an easy process, either. It requires shirtlessness and chains, and you know what that means! Get your mind out of the gutter. "We might see a little transformation tomorrow," he teases.

The bite devastated Tyler almost as much as Caroline, in the end. "I thought, 'Why didn't Tyler just heal Caroline with his own blood?' and I think he was just in a panic. He was in as much shock as she was, because he didn't want to do that, but it happened," Trevino says.

We're going to see him go through some serious hell in tomorrow night's episode. It's so bad that we may end up doubting whether or not he'll come out of the ordeal at all. Still, he endures, because when he said he loved Caroline, he meant it. At the beginning of the episode, we'll see Tyler make his move to apologize to Caroline right away. "Say your boyfriend does you wrong, and then your boyfriend goes to your father and brings him into it -- that's a pretty big apology. That's trying, I know that much. She's a little receptive to it," he says.

Unfortunately, the sire bond is more intense than anyone expected. "In tomorrow's episode we find out just how deep this sire bond is and how serious it is, and what Tyler has to do -- if it's even possible -- to break it," he says. "At this point, I don't think Tyler knows how deep in this is. If Klaus wants you to do something, whether you want to do it or you think you're not going to do it, you're going to end up doing it. That's a scary thought."

As for Trevino's thoughts on that Klaus/Caroline moment last week -- let's just say he's not exactly psyched at the prospect of losing his fictional girlfriend to a fictional sociopath. "I remember reading it, and... I didn't think much of it. I'm like 'Okay, I don't think that would last.' But then I saw the episode, and I'm like, once they put the music in, and then Joseph's getting all emotional, I'm like 'Aw, man!' It was a really, really good scene, but I hope it doesn't last. I don't like it."

He's ready for a fight with Klaus if it comes down to it. "I would like a showdown. I know Julie [Plec] would write something epic. It'd be really good. Plus, just for me, with any kind of showdown, it's great to work with a great actor, and Joseph's pretty solid," he jokes.

If Caroline is otherwise occupied, Trevino wouldn't exactly be opposed to a new romance for Tyler... perhaps with Rebekah (Claire Holt). "Absolutely," he says, without hesitation. "That would be fun."

Make sure to tune in for the episode at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday night -- it's one of Trevino's favorites of the year. "We find out what it's going to take to break this sire bond, and is Tyler up to the challenge," he teases.

Photo/Video credit: Zap2it