'The Vampire Diaries' prom spoilers: Your 'Pictures of You' questions answered!

vampire-diaries-prom-triangle-ian-nina-paul.jpg"The Vampire Diaries" highly anticipated senior prom episode, "Pictures of You," is a little different from the dance episodes we've seen before. The shadow of Jeremy's death still looms over Mystic Falls High, and it's even perpatuated by the prom theme: Pictures of You. Photos of the characters in happier times -- including some fun, never-before-seen cast pics -- are projected all over the ballroom, but instead of being uplifting, it's pretty tragic.

Stefan and Damon decide to spend the dance trying to remind Elena of why emotions are good, in order to get her to turn her sire bond back on. Damon talks to her about her professed love for him, while Stefan tries... a more hands-on approach. Meanwhile, Bonnie finds a way to enjoy the prom even under the shadow of grief, but she's in much more danger than anyone realizes. Rebekah finally gets to attend a dance, but there's a caveat. Elijah has decided to give her the cure, but only if she can go an entire night without using any of her vampire powers to prove that being human is what she really wants.

Normally, I'd give you guys some teasers to forward to about the episode, but this time, the list of things I'm not allowed to tell you is pretty impressive. So instead of doing this the usual way, I thought I'd open up the floor for some Twitter questions. I chose the ones I'm allowed to answer.

We will find out who wins the prom king and queen. We'll also see Elena do some, uh, "campaigning" for Rebekah, her new roommate and only friend.

Well, Matt is Bonnie and Caroline's doting date, but they're all strictly in the friend zone, so I can't confirm or deny whether he actually bought the corsages. I mean... the dude may now live in an enormous mansion, but he still has to eat his Kraft dinners. Maybe he picked some flowers and tied them to a hair elastic or something.

Just one. A lot of not-so-innocent teenage supernatural creatures get injured in this one, though. Silas is on the prowl, and he's wearing every body in town. That leaves most of our faves vulnerable.

Shhh. Inside voices. Here's what I'll say -- someone uses the word "boyfriend." But don't get too excited! Of all the high school dances he's inappropriately attended, we're pretty sure this one will go down in history as Damon's least favorite.

I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you. (Or someone at The CW would kill me.) I can say that Matt's opinion of Rebekah does change in this episode. Since she can't use any of her vampire "perks" -- speed, hearing, compulsion, strength, etc -- she's in a whole new position.

She doesn't have an official date, but they're not there just as her babysitters. Stefan and Damon are determined to convince her to flip her humanity switch back on -- and they've got Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C ready to put into action.

Yes! Bonnie gets a dance. In fact, Bonnie is pretty freaking spectacular in this episode. Kat Graham gives a standout performance as Bonnie rides a roller coaster of grief, anger, and power.

YES! YES! YES! Oh, sorry, what was I saying about inside voices? Caroline and Stefan do share a dance... and she suggests that maybe he'll meet someone who will help him move on from Elena. (To which I shouted at my television, "Maybe he already has!") They are just the sweetest.

Oh, our girl Katherine certainly makes her voice heard.

"The Vampire Diaries" returns this Thursday, April 19, for the first of five brand new episodes in a row.
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