'The Voice' live blog: The Top 6 take the stage, take on two songs each

the-voice-top-6-live-blog-resized-nbc.jpgAnd then there were six. As Season 5 of "The Voice" enters its final month, the remaining contestants take the stage on Monday (Dec. 2) to fight of America's vote, tackling two songs each. (Gotta pad out those two hours somehow!) With coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera each responsible for choosing one song for each of their artists (while a team-less CeeLo Green twiddles his thumbs), the remaining Top 6 will get the chance to select their second song. Will they make the right choices and earn some love? Let's find out!

Up first tonight is Team Blake's last man standing, Cole Vosbury. After tackling country last week, his coach wants him to have a little fun and selects Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" for his first song of the night. Cole sounds great on the song, which is to be expected, but could it be enough to keep Team Blake in the game? With this song choice alone, it might not be enough. For his sake, here's hoping his own song choice is a little more exciting.

Blake says Cole's such a pro, he didn't even know why he was worried about the performance. He praises his team member for coming out week after week and focusing on just singing, which is some slight shade at the other artists who bring a bit more spectacle to the stage, if you ask me. CeeLo says he's still rooting for Cole, an artist who used to be on his team, while Adam says he was really into the arrangement he brought to the stage.

After her success with her reggae-tinged song from last week, Adam's having Tessanne Chin take on Bob Marley's "Redemption Song." During the rehearsal package, she admits that the task is a nerve-wracking one because of how important Marley is to her country. When it comes to her performance, she's likely done her country proud. At this point, what can't Tessanne do?

Adam remarks that not only is everyone in Jamaica proud of her performance, but she made sure that everyone else understand the potency of Bob Marley and Tessanne Chin. Christina says the performance took her back to a trip to the country, when a guide spoke Jamaican, because Christina loves to bring everything back to her.

Up next is Team Christina's Matthew Schuler, who's dedicating his song selection to his family. What song is that, you ask? One Direction's "Story of My Life," of course. It's a sage song selection, one that's sure to earn him some points with the younger viewers. Because it's a 1D song, there's not much to the vocal, so it doesn't afford Matt much opportunity to show off any vocal acrobatics. It's a sweet song to sing for your family, however.

Christina raves about how Matt was able to take the song and make it his own, while Adam admits that he wasn't familiar with the song, but is happy to see the artist trying not to stick too closely to the "Hallelujah" formula after finding success with it and, instead, taking risks and exploring other avenues.

Before we can get to our next artist, there's some inane chatter about Blake e-mailing from the bathroom and CeeLo throwing his support behind four of the Top 6. Sorry, Jacquie and Matt!

Taking the stage next is Team Adam's Will Champlin, who's dedicating Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" to his wife and baby girl. On paper, it seems a shrewd choice, considering the positive reception to "At Last" last week, but this song might not be as universally recognized. That said, Will wails on the track. He seems lost in the song, in the best way possible. It certainly shouldn't disappoint any of his fan base.

Adam celebrates Will's courage for taking on the song in his own way, dedicating it to his family in a really genuine way. CeeLo praises Will for his soul and his heart, while also mentioning that he noticed him over-reaching a few times throughout the performance. In the end, though, it seems like positive reviews for Will.

Up next is Team Adam's James Wolpert, who's dedicating "Fell In Love With A Girl," by the White Stripes. He's not dedicating it to a girl, however. Instead, this one goes out to his dad for supporting all of his choices, even the bad ones. There's nothing particularly wrong with the performance, but it feels oddly lacking. The acoustic approach doesn't entirely line up with the song's lyrical flow and delivery. He also falls apart on the lyrics near the middle. Not a shining moment for James, unfortunately.

Adam praises James for approaching the song in a manner that only exists for him, veering from the original. Blake mentions that, even though it was essentially an acoustic track, he still sang it full tilt and also admits that he didn't even notice the flub. Of course, it helps that Blake doesn't even know the song.

Taking the stage next is Team Christina's Jacquie Lee. Her coach tasks her to take on Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby," hoping she'll be able to show both her tenderness and her power. Christina admits that she relates to the young artist a lot and they have a genuinely touching moment during the rehearsal package. Her performance is another stunner, leaving everyone stunned when they remember just how young Jacquie is. Seriously. She's just 16. Wow.

Christina can't be kept in her chair, getting up and putting the mic stand back on the ground, connecting it to how Jacquie left her heart on the floor. Of course, she reminds us how much of herself she sees in the young singer. CeeLo says he really believes she's a medium of some sort, allowing spirits to travel through. Better than swallowing an old lady, like last week. Adam says that if that's Jacquie not having had her heart broken, he doesn't want to see what she'll be like once that happens.

Cole's back, returning to the stage with James Morrison's "A Better Man." He dedicates the performance to his first love, who he's no longer with, but who he says still pushes him to live up to the title. It's a heartfelt performance that certainly works as an emotional counterpoint to "Rich Girl" from earlier in the night.

Blake says that if he doesn't get the girl back now, something's wrong. He also notes that, time after time, Cole shows dimension. CeeLo says it's bittersweet to see how well Cole is doing, even though he lost him from his team. Christina says that, since he's been so consistent, that his voice has begun to sound like he's been singing too much.

Returning to the stage with her dedication track is Tessanne, singing Katy Perry's "Unconditionally" in honor of her parents. It's a perfect counterpoint to her earlier performance of the Marley track. She absolutely slays on Perry's electro-tinged power ballad. Again, is Tessanne unstoppable?

Adam says that though Katy Perry songs can tend to be insurmountable obstacles for some artists, he had no worries when it came to Tessanne. Blake gushes that he's never seen anything quite like her on this show.

Up next is Matt, taking on his song from coach Christina. After landing in the bottom three, Xtina tells him he can't take anything for granted and wants him to sing his heart out. She gives him "When A Man Loves A Woman" because she doesn't think Matt's had a truly soulful moment during the competition yet.

Christina gushes over Matt's ability to dig deep and get away from the current pop hooks he's usually singing on the show. She says the performance has only given her more great ideas should he be able to continue. Blake says it was as good as he's ever heard him sing, calling it a great night for the classics.

Returning to the stage next is Will, who Adam wants to continue to outdo himself, giving him Avicii's "Hey Brother." He wants to Will to defy genre, as the song does with its mix of pop, bluegrass and EDM. The intro lines seem to be a struggle for Will, pitch-wise, and there's a touch of a bizarre, put-upon accent, but he recovers nicely.

Adam praises Will's powerful vocal after giving Blake a lesson on how the Avicii song came to be. Blake says he likes the banjo and says the song was cool. The critique felt more like a conversation between the two coaches, rather than a discussion of Will's performance.

Up next is Jacquie, who's dedicating one of her coach's songs to her coach for inspiring her since before they even met. Taking the stage with "The Voice Within," the young artist takes on quite a risk. There's no denying she's a powerhouse vocalist, but is she at Xtina's level? Not quite yet. That said, singing the song directly in front of the diva who slays it on the regular takes guts.

In the end, it may not matter much. Christina's on her feet by the end, again remarking about the similarities she continues to see between Jacquie and herself. She tells her she appreciates what she did with the song and praises her for the courage to take it on. She talks so much, in fact, that no one else can get a word in edgewise.

Closing out the show tonight is Team Adam's James, whose coach has given him Meatlof's "I'd Do Anything For Love," hoping to further the over-the-top moments from last week's stab at Queen. With a song this cheesy, there's no way to approach it that isn't entirely overblown. James more than holds his own on the song, and it's certainly much livelier than his earlier number.

Adam says that ever since choosing this song, he hasn't been able to stop singing it. He also lets us in on the fact that James is sick tonight, saying that he has nothing to worry about with the way he managed to shine through his sickness. CeeLo says James really embodies the rock opera, praising how he makes use of every inch of the stage.

There you have it. Who earned your vote tonight? Sound off in the comments below!

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