'The Voice': Frenchie Davis' thoughts during her audition? 'Please God, let someone turn around'

When Frenchie Davis stepped on to "The Voice" stage, she was very familiar to "American Idol" fans. But when you strip away the visuals, that instant recognition didn't work in her favor during the NBC singing competition's blind auditions.

Second chances don't always come easily and the judges really made the singer work before her performance convinced pop diva Christina Aguilera to turn her chair -- the only judge who did.

"A lot of people auditioned for this," Davis says on a press call. "And each coach could only pick 8. I was just up there like, 'Please God, let someone turn around.' And the fact that it was Christina was a double yes."

Many viewers felt that Frenchie's song choice may have almost done her in, but the performer says she really didn't have a choice.

"We are given a list of songs to choose from," she explains. "I know a lot of my fans were disappointed with the 'I Kissed A Girl.' They wanted me to go out there and belt out Aretha [Franklin] or Whitney [Houston]. But, I do want to add that the singer who sang an Aretha song, no one turned around for her. So, we're given a list of songs and 'I Kissed A Girl' was the song that was left." 

"I do think song choice plays a role," she adds. "And that's why I hope we'll get to pick our own songs soon."

What did you think of Frenchie's blind audition? Do you think she'll go far in this competition?
Photo/Video credit: NBC