'The X Factor': Ellona Santiago says her fall could've been worse

x-factor-elona-santiago-fall-heels-top-12.jpgRunning around a stage in five-inch heels is a recipe for disaster, so it's no wonder Ellona Santiago slipped and fell during her upbeat rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" on "The X Factor" Top 12 performance night.

Although the fall conveniently coincided with the lyric "down" -- fellow finalist Rion Paige didn't even know it happened -- it definitely wasn't fun. "I was hurting," Santiago tells Zap2it of what went through her mind immediately after. "I was like 'Ouch!' in my head, but I just kept going. The show must go on! I've fallen before when I was singing and I know Beyonce has fallen, JLo has fallen, Demi has fallen."

Surprisingly, the heels she ended up wearing on stage were shorter than the ones she originally planned to wear. "They were actually higher but during rehearsals I had to change them because I was tipping over," she reveals. "I was supposed to stand on the car, actually, and it was slanted and I was wobbling so I was like, 'I can't do that!'"

Restless Road, the Simon Cowell-created country boy band, also had some struggles with gravity during their performance, but luckily the fall happened during dress rehearsals. "Yesterday in sound check I jumped up on it and shattered the glass in the pinball machine," Colton says. "So it made me a little bit nervous having to jump up on there! Luckily it didn't happen tonight."

The boys were surprised Ellona fell. They had enough trouble with their minor choreography, and no heels were involved. "I was focusing enough just walking down the stairs," jokes Zach. "Like, that was my big challenge. Right, left, ok!"

Photo/Video credit: FOX