Trevor Donovan, Didi Benami, 'The Middle' kids: Zap2it celebrates 2010's underrated stars

underrated-intro.jpgWe talk a lot about the stars of TV shows here at Zap2it. They're the ones who get the most screen time, after all, and the biggest story lines and the awards love.

But when you watch as much television as we do, you start to notice -- and enjoy -- the performances of the other people on screen as well.

As we've done every year since 2006, we once again celebrate TV's underrated stars. There are only a few criteria to make our list: You can't be the lead of a show; you can't be an Emmy winner; and you can't have made our list in past years. Oh, and you have to be good.

Take a look at our list and share your thoughts on underrated performers in the comments.
Photo/Video credit: AMC, FOX, NBC, The CW