'True Blood': Jacob Hopkins is cast as the youngest (looking) member of the Vampire Authority

Jacob Hopkins.jpgThe youngest (looking) member of the Vampire Authority has just been cast in "True Blood," according to the THR. Jacob Hopkins will play Authority chancellor Alexander Drew, who was turned at the age of nine. As we know from "Interview with a Vampire," undead children are not a good thing.

The report states that Alexander is a vampire who likes to stir things up by baiting others. Yeah, sounds like a typical nine-year-old. It will be interesting to see if vampires retain the traits of the age they were turned, despite the number of years that they've been around.

Hopkins has appeared in the film "Priest" with Stephen Moyer (Bill), as well as making an appearance on "How I Met Your Mother." We're so excited for this season, especially because everyone cast so far has been a vampire and not a zombie. We were starting to worry that they'd be the newest supes to appear in Bon Temps.
Photo/Video credit: dharmavisions.com – © 2011