'Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host's' D.L. Hughley: 'Anthony Weiner makes me laugh'

Zap2it : Who cracks you up?

D.L. Hughley : Anthony Weiner makes me laugh. People are so craven just in general. So craven and so out of sync with what is going on around them it appears comical, almost as if they have a nervous breakdown, as if they don't know about [anything]. Irony makes me laugh. It's a shame I am laughing more at people who don't intend me to.

Zap2it: How was your game show different?

D.L. Hughley : Game shows always had a very "Father Knows Best" sensibility, and the ones that do well are the ones that break that sensibility. In this show, one of us is lying and lying to your face to make you believe us. Society and particularly, in the game show world, it would never have worked before. Most people believe they have pretty good bulls... detectors, and most people don't.

Zap2it : Have you always looked at life in that skewed comic's way?

D.L. Hughley: When I am looking at something I think is funny, I always try to look at the most ironic portion of it. ... Most people in a very genteel society train themselves not to feel things. When you see someone fall and make sure they are all right, and my first inclination is to laugh and then make sure they are all right.
Photo/Video credit: TBS