'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' pics: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson shirtless and wet on magazine cover

We challenge you to find a 14-year-old girl on this planet who loves the "Twilight" franchise more than Entertainment Weekly does.

The magazine just rolled out its second "Breaking Dawn" cover -- still three months from the film's Nov. 18 release -- and we're so impressed by the sea-soaked/partial nudity of it all... we're going to curb our snark and just be grateful.

Fronting the "Fall Movie Preview," Edward ( Robert Pattinson) and Bella ( Kristen Stewart) are pictured taking a dip, the former is bare-chested and the latter is sporting a white bikini top. They're working on the highly unconventional "hug stroke," presumably off Isle Esme, and looking quite alarmed.

Inside (and below) there are two more photos from the honeymoon, including a shot of Bella possibly making a baby-related phone call to Rosalie ( Nikki Reed) and one of the happy couple playing with a red and white chess set -- an homage to the book cover.

But take note, Team Jacob. This batch of "Twilight" fan bait is 100-percent Taylor Lautner free.


Photo/Video credit: EW