'Twilight: New Moon' author Stephenie Meyer tells Oprah how she dreamed up vampire romance

stepheniemeyer_twilight_290.jpgThank your bloodsucking maker for good luck, "Twilight" fans: Stephenie Meyer tells Oprah Winfrey her vampire romance series almost never made it to un-life.

Meyer, on hand for the Nov. 20 "Twilight: New Moon" debut, recounted how a dream in 2003 led to the book and movie series.

"One of [the two people in the dream] was a beautiful sparkling boy and one was just a girl who was human and normal and they were having this conversation and the boy was a vampire," Meyer told Oprah. "He was trying to explain to her how much he cared about her and at the same time how much he wanted to kill her."

Curious, Meyer says, because she'd never read vampire books or anything else in the horror genre. 

That dream became chapter 13 of the first book; Meyer wrote it down on a lark and then wrote through what would become the end of "Twilight." From there, she circled back and jotted down the beginning... all without, she says, intending to publish the story. Heck, she only wrote it down because she was curious about the characters.

After sister Emily encouraged her to send around the manuscript, Meyer says she was rejected by nine agents, never heard back from five others and got exactly one letter saying the agent wanted to read more. Lucky person must be rolling in money right now.

Sorry, Meyer didn't reveal any secrets about "New Moon" or her future projects. She did say Robert Pattinson was cast as vampire Edward because "he just doesn't look like everyone else" -- plus, he apparently smells good -- and that Kristen Stewart looks like the girl next door but "was a higher caliber" of actress than Meyer expected.

While the audience didn't get to take home Pattinson, they -- and every student at a school in Bolivar, Mo. -- did get free box sets of the "Twilight" books.

Check back for video; we'll add it as soon as it's available.

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