Twitpic of the Week: 'American Idol' Allison Iraheta, band in the shower

Oh, Allison Iraheta. We love that you're so weird.

We have no context for this picture other than the inimitable Allison Iraheta's tweet: " Band in the shoowweeeerrr , band in the CHowerrrr"

Band in the shower, indeed.

The blonde woman to the left of Allison is her bass player Priscilla Fire, the man in the plaid on the right is guitarist David Immerman, the woman holding Allison's hair is her drummer Valerie Franco and the man to the left is Zoux the keyboard player. Thanks to Alert Commenter Craig for the info.

Allison tweeted another great photo on Jan. 31 that we wanted to share as well:

allison-iraheta-jackie-tohn.jpgThat's season 8 semi-finalist Jackie Tohn. Don't Jackie and Allison look gorgeous?

Look for Allison to perform "Scars" on the Thursday, Feb. 25 "American Idol" results show. It's a great song, should be an amazing performance.

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