Tyler, the Creator's Mountain Dew ad pulled after being called the 'most racist commercial in history'


Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator has earned a bunch of heat for the third installment in a series of Mountain Dew ads he directed featuring a character named Felicia the Goat. The third of three commercials was released a week ago and has earned PepsiCo so much backlash for being racist that the company has pulled the video across the board and issued an apology.

"We apologize for this video and take full responsibility. We have removed it from all Mountain Dew channels and Tyler is removing it from his channels as well," Mountain Dew says in a statement. The video in question can be watched here.

The three-part storyline in the ads starts when a goat voiced by Tyler who attacks a waitress after a restaurant runs out of Mountain Dew. In the second video, Felicia the Goat evades a police officer who pulls him over for a "Dew-U-I," and in the final one, the waitress is asked to choose the goat from a line-up of prospective criminals. 

It's the criminals portrayed in the final video that have earned Mountain Dew all the negative press, as the five men depicted are all black. Dr. Boyce Watkins writes in his takedown of the campaign titled "Mountain Dew Releases Arguably the Most Racist Commercial in History" that the men shown are the "kinds of ratchety negroes you might find in the middle of any hip-hop minstrel show."

For his part, the "Loiter Squad" star was excited about the opportunity to be involved in Mountain Dew's new campaign. "MOUNTAIN DEW GAVE ME A CHANCE TO JUST HAVE FUN BEHIND THE CAMERA. THANKS... SHALL BE ON TV IN A COUPLE DAYS!" he tweeted back in March.

The first two ads can be seen below.

Photo/Video credit: Mountain Dew