UFO spotted over historic Edgemoor barn in San Diego

Are visitors from another planet spending their free time in the San Diego, Cal. area? Photographer Ellen Henry was taking a picture of the Edgemoor Barn, a historic location in Santee, Cal., when she spotted something in the sky. She also says her camera stopped working after she snapped the photos.

"I was like 'What is it doing there'," Henry remembers, "Why was it there? What was it doing? And I said, 'The next time I come here the barn will be beamed up.'" Henry spoke about the object with a local ABC affiliate, though she asked that her face not be shown.

Henry is convinced that whatever she saw was not of this world. Coincidentally the barn has been the location of paranormal investigations in the past and keeps a ghost log.

Aliens visiting the haunted barn? With "24" returning next Summer, maybe FOX should considering dusting off  "The X-Files," and giving Mulder and Scully a shot at this one.
Photo/Video credit: ABC 10