'Ugly Betty' sneak peek: Christina and Gio get different welcomes in London

ugly-betty-abc-gio-betty-freddy-rodriguez.jpgWith only three episodes left of our beloved " Ugly Betty," our newly de-braced heroine embraces London and some old friends.

Betty has gotten a huge opportunity. Mode has sent her to cover London Fashion Week. She gets Amanda as her right-hand-gal and she brings Hilda along for an international bachelorette party. And, Betty's bestie, Christina (Ashley Jensen) joins in on the festivities.

Just as the fun is in full swing, Betty takes up  a dare to flash a complete stranger - except it isn't a stranger at all. Gio (Freddy Rodriguez), is on the scene and it's clear he's still holding a grudge.

Check out the sneak peek videos below:

Isn't it great to see Christina and Gio back?

Note: Videos are set to expire on April 1

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