'Ugly Betty' the movie? Vanessa Williams says 'absolutely'

ugly-betty-the-movie-vanessa-williams.jpgFirst America Ferrera told Zap2it's The Dish Rag she's in, then Ana Ortiz voiced her support and now Vanessa Williams has added her stamp of approval for an "Ugly Betty" movie.

"It was an extraordinary group of people," Williams tells ContactMusic.com. "The ensemble was great, the directors were great - the writers - the whole team. It was unique. Yes, an Ugly Betty movie, absolutely."

Williams who played the smart and villainous Wilhelmina Slater, who plotted her takeover of Mode through out the series' four seasons, went on to describe how hard it was to say goodbye to the show.

"We did not want to leave," she says. "Our last week, none of us wanted to leave the table. None of us wanted to finish the words we were saying."

What are your thoughts on the possibility of "Ugly Betty" on the big screen?

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Photo credit: Mike Coppola / ABC